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SDSU AztecLink provides our campus community with a secure and convenient way to manage multiple SDSU accounts. Through your AztecLink account you will have a centralized, and secure, identity and credentials, that can be used in multiple applications, plus the convenience of changing that password in a single location.

Your AztecLink account has the capability to synchronize with our SDSU Google Apps account. Once you have established your AztecLink account in the SDSU AztecLink Identity Manager, and create login credentials, the SDSU Google Apps will then use your AztecLink account for authentication. Your e-mail ID (e.g. will be used to access the SDSU/Google e-mail and other services.

You will also use AztecLink Identity Manager to change your password and manage your AztecLink account. To provide enhanced security, your password will expire every 180 days (six months). You will receive an e-mail reminder about password expiration and changing your password. Our future plans include the capability to utilize AztecLink for PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service, VPN access, secured Wireless network access, and other university and auxiliary applications. AztecLink will also allow you to access services at other CSU campuses as they are developed.

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